Vision & Mission

미래 성장 동력 ITEM 발굴 및 SOLUTION 개발
Global Best 융·복합 Probing Solution 연구 센터

핵심 요소 기술

– MEMS VPC용 Probe Design

– 전사 Probe 평가 기술 표준화

– 극한 환경 Probe card 신뢰성 기술

• Software

Program Mechanical Thermal Electrical
Program • ANSYS Mechanical ANSYS NL
• Auto CAD
• Solidworks
• Solidworks Flowsim ANSYS Mechanical • ANSYS HFSS
• Cadence Powersi
Capability • Stress
• Reliability
• Plastic deformation
• Solder damage
• Pad deformation
• Thermal resistance
• Conduction
• C.C.C
• Stress distribution by thermal
• Thermal flow
• S-parameter extraction
(Insertion/Return loss)
• TDR/TDT Analysis (Eye-diagram)
• Timing (Delay/Skew)

• Hardware

Program Mechanical Thermal Electrical
Measuring equipment • C.C.C Analyzer
• Force & C-Res. Analyzer
• Probe tester • Network Analyzer
• Current source meter

Design & Analysis of Probe Card Circuit

– PCB, MLC Design and Simulation

– Auto Check Tool (HP93K, Uflex, T2K, MAGNUM)

– High Speed Measurement & Verification Lab.

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Design & Optimization of Mechanical Parts

– Probe Card Deformation upon Probing Force

– Bump Damage by Probe Force

– New Probe Design