Epoxy Cantilever Type

Cantilever probe is produced by precisely processing metal wire, and it is attached on the PCB with epoxy. This type of probe card is widely used for testing various kinds of semiconductors.

Our technique to array probes in small pitch (1/10 of a strand of hair) is best in the world, and we are capable of applying our design to test all kinds of semiconductors.

1st in the world to develop and produce 11㎛ fine pitch product
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Application DDIC
(Display driver IC)
(System on chip)
(CMOS Image sensor)
Smart IC
Min. prob pitch 11㎛ 25/50㎛ 70㎛ 70㎛
Max. parallelism 8para 8para 32para 512para
Max. test speed 4Gbps 800Mbps
Temp. range -25~125˚C -40~150°C ~100˚C