PCB test jig/fixture

This is a jig supporting a test to sort fair quality Substrate PCB and Film PCB where semiconductor chips are surface mounted.

We have applied Vertical Probe Card technology to design and manufacture PCB Test Jig and Fixture, and we have various kinds of technologies that can be applied to Packaging PCB Test.

1st company in Korea to develop Wire Vertical Probe 4 (socket) technology, 2018
1st company in the world to develop 90㎛pitch 4 socket test jig using MEMS Vertical Probe technology
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Application Substrate PCB Film PCB for DDIC COF Package
Probe type MEMS Probe type Wire Probe type Wire Probe type
Probe tip type Flat,
Point and Customize
NR : ETS (Embedded Trace Substrate)
NF : P-Pad
RR : Sn Pad Test
Min. probe pitch 90㎛,
Full 4wire test
Varies by product specification
2wire, 4wire test
Only O/S test (using the sensor block)
Max. parallelism 4pcs 1-256pcs 1-4pcs
Jig structure Top / Bottom Pin block test Top / Bottom Pin block test Top : Sensor test
Bottom : Pin block test