Vertical Type

In our MEMS fab, we design and produce our own intrinsic MEMS vertical probe. It is used for testing high-end LSI semiconductors such as Application Processor because many probes can be arrayed in small area with high precision.

We can satisfy customers’ all needs from high-end product with more than 30,000pins on 100 100㎛ pitch to Ultra fine pitch product with less than 50㎛ pitch.

1st in Korea and 3rd in the world to produce 80㎛ pitch MEMS vertical probe in production level
Provided probe cards for Samsung “Exynos” and Qualcomm “Snap Dragon” AP chips.
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Application AP / CPU / GPU / Smart IC
Probe type MEMS (WILL MEMS TM) Wire / Cobra
WM50 WM60 WM80 WM100 WM130
Min. grid pitch 50㎛ 60㎛ 80㎛ 100㎛ 150㎛ 100㎛
Probe tip type Flat (Solder bump, Cu pillar bump) & Pointed (Al pad, Cu pad)
Max. pin count 34,000 ea
Max. parallelism 16para (512 para for Smart IC)
Max. test speed 2.4Gbps
Temp. range -40~150°C