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The fundamental nature of “everyday life” can be time consuming, but without the base of repeating life, no history or culture can be developed. I have been mesmerized by the nature of everyday life, which steadily adds value and liveliness to repeating pattern in time. Living life with repeated pattern has been common method for people’s survival. Instead of being stagnant people move on with time, to evolve creating new cultural space. I believe a corporation’s everyday life composed of production, development, and achievement should also evolve with time. It should not be fragmented with glory from the past, yet move on forward with lively work space that can be remembered as a unique and original. Autumn of 2014, I am confronted with Will Technology, in the world of semi-conductor composed of non-memory based probe card. With them, I will be moving forward slowly but firmly to make creative corporate culture based on simple but powerful, “everyday life”. I would like to comfort those who are left in the dark still, providing warmth with newly created space based on Will Technology’s vision.

WILL Technology CEO Lee Yoon Jung