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MEMS cantilever Type

MEMS cantilever probe is produce in to 3D shape using precise MEMS process technology. It is applied to products testing DRAM or CMOS Image sensor, for it has low level of noise and high quality electric characteristics.

MEMS cantilever Type can maximize test efficiency by testing numerous chips simultaneously (Multi-Para), and we are the leading company in the probe cards for CMOS Image sensor test.

1st company to develop 64para MEMS probe card for CMOS Image Sensor
1st company to develop 169para MEMS probe card for Full Wafer Contact type CMOS Image Sensor
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Application CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) DRAM
Illumination type Diffusion filter Lenz
Min. probe pitch 85㎛ 64㎛
Max. parallelism 64para / 169para (FWC type) 256para
Max. test speed 2 Gsps (3.5 Gsps under development)
Temp. range -40℃ ~ 150℃