Quality Assurance

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Items PRVX3 Probe WoRx PRVX4
Capability(Pin) 800,000/M 1,000,000/M 400,000/M
Equipment Vertical : 200,000/M
CIS MEMS : 200,000/M
Cantilever : 400,000/M
Vertical : 800,000/M
CIS MEMS : 200,000/M
Vertical : 400,000/M
Mother Board Ultra Flex 300mm_2 Tools Ultra Flex 300mm_1 Tool
Ultra Flex 440mm_2 Tools
Ultra Flex 300mm_1 Tool
Outgoing Inspection
Vertical : 1,000,000/M
CIS MEMS : 300,000/M
Cantilever : 400,000/M

3.2 Micro Craft – E4H6151

Maximum board head Repeat precision Minimum pad pitch Minimum pad size Cramping
9mm ±4 50㎛ 15㎛ Automatic clamp


Use E-Check Jig inspection What you use Open/Short/Leakage Scan

Measuring Microscope

Use P/C Needle and Depth,Tip Diameter,Tip Length,Probe Depth,Clearance,Beam Length,Planarity measurement

Laser Cleaning M/C

Use Removal of cross-sectional debris and oil film, increase of contact Resistor effect, decrease o/s fail, prevent departmental phenomena and corrosion, can be applied on manufactured goods and PCB