What We Do ?

Structure Study of Probe Card and It’s Components

– Structural Deformation Analysis upon Environmental Variables.
– Probe Card Reliability Study under Extreme Conditions.
– Robust Probe Card Structure Design.
– Customer-Specific Structure Design & Simulation Supports.

Probe Card Circuit Design, Analysis & Optimization

– In-House Probe Card Circuit Design : MLC, MLO, Main PCB, Other Circuit Boards.
– Power & Signal Integrity Design.
– Characterization of Probe Card Circuit.
– Customer-Specific Circuit Design & Simulation Supports.
– Research on Advanced Space Transformers.

PCB & MLC for CIS MEMS Probe Card

PCB & MLO for AP MEMS Vertical Probe Card

Signal Integrity Simulation & Analysis

Power Integrity Simulation & Analysis

Research on Core Technologies For Next-Generation Semiconductor Testing

– Research on Unique High-Performance Probe & Probe Head Design.
– Contact Characteristics According to Probe and Semiconductor Electrode Materials.
– Characterization of Various Probes.
– Research on New Materials & Process for Probe & Probe Card.
Cu Pillar Bump Deformation by Probe Contact Pressure
Tensile Strength Simulation of Probe Material
Evluation of Probe Performance
Vertical Probe Motion