DDIC package test

To test DDIC semiconductor COF(Chip on Film package) technology is applied to load it on the latest display panels like mobile display and flexible display. Probe cards used for film type package should be able to endure tests under severe environment, so it requires technology that can enhance mechanical and electrical properties of probe cards.

Generally, cantilever probe card technology is applied to test COF package, and we can provide a wide range of technical solutions to satisfy customers needs (high speed, multi-para test)

1st company in Korea to deploy COF package test probe card for ND4 platform on an commercial level
Developed 3-para probe card using MEMS vertical probe technology
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Application DDIC Chip on Film(COF) package (for Panel & Mobile)
Probe type Wire cantilever MEMS vertical (Under development)
Min. probe pitch 80 ㎛ 90 ㎛
Max. parallelism 3para ( for panel) / 2para (for mobile) 3para
Max. test speed 4Gbps 6Gbps