PCB Test Jig / Fixture

World’s first development of 90μm pitch 4-terminal (4-Wire) electrical inspection jig technology applied with MEMS vertical probe technology.
Production of high-quality, short-term delivery products tailored to customers through in-house processing of ultra-precision micro holes using ‘Laser/Mechanical drilling’ and in-house production of MEMS vertical probes.

This is probing test jig for sorting out defective and good products of IC package substrate PCB and film PCB on which semiconductor chips are mounted.
PCB test jig and fixture are designed and manufactured by expanding the vertical probe technology for testing wafers, and have segmentalized product technologies that can be applied to various IC package substrate PCB tests.

Types of Products

MEMS Type Jig

Wire Type Jig

Film PCB Test Jig (DDIC COF)

Multi-Pcs. Jig