Vertical Probe Card

Korea’s fist development of ‘Fine pitch MEMS vertical probe card’, holding unique probe design patent in Korea and abroad.
The highest level in class for probe C.C.C(Current Carrying Capability) and probe tip life time extension technology.
Hybrid probe head platform that allows mixing of various probes suitable for the characteristics of semiconductor test pad/bump (PWR, GND, Signal).
Ultra high pin count(over 45,000pin) technology.

It uses high-performance, ultra-precision MEMS vertical probes and can arrange probes with very high integration, so it is applied to the latest high integration system semiconductors such as AP (Application Processor).
From 45,000pin-class high-end products of around 100μm pitch to ultra fine pitch products of less than 50μm, we have product technologies that can meet various requirements of semiconductors and customers.


Application Processor (AP)

System on Chip (SoC)

Flash Controller Chip (FCC)